China kids water bottles

China kids water bottles

Kids water bottles

316 stainless steel kids water bottle, plastic free

China kids water bottles

Kids water bottles

a cup also a lid for your kids water bottle with travel bag

China kids water bottles

Kids water bottles

Tritan Tx1001 made break proof, leak proof, bpa free, FDA comply plastic kids water bottles

China kids water bottlesChina kids water bottlesChina kids water bottlesChina kids water bottles

Kids water bottel, easy to take it on the go to school, a cup for your hot drinking, 350ml capacity for one day drinking.

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stainless steel vacuum bottle for kids from China travel thermos suppliers and manufacturers-Ecoway

stainless steel vacuum bottle for kids

Stainless steel vacuum bottle for kids, travel thermos, vacuum flasks

1. Double wall stainless vacuum insulated
2. PP5# with food grade silicone gasket
3. One hand operation to open or lock your coffee mug when you drinking
4. Standard size suitable for car holder, easy to take it on the go

The Ecoway Houseware Limited is a professional manufacturer and designer of quality stainless steel/Plastic Drinkware in Baby Feeding, Sports/outdoor Gear, Promotion markets.

With a professional team including of Designers, Engineers, Manufacturers, Quality control experts and Merchandisers, we are able to offer our customers full turn-key manufacturing and design solutions– from concept to final delivery of the product.

Based on current 600,000pcs/monthly production capacity of plastic bottle, we are keep investing new production equipment as our customers is keep growing in 2016. Also we have stainless bottles business which manufactured ss bottle and assembly/packaging at our Zhejiang factory.

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kids sippy cups

Types of kids Sippy Cups

Types of kids Sippy Cups, kids water bottles

kids sippy cups

The original leak-free cup was created by an engineer named Richard Belanger. He was tired of cleaning up after his baby who was just learning to use an ordinary cup properly, and was suffering from the same pitfalls all babies have suffered from throughout time, they all spill their cups. What might surprise you, is he invented the cup in 1988, which really wasn’t that long ago (or are we dating ourselves?).

Belanger created a simple cup with a valve that prevented the back flow of liquid, and thereby helped the cup avoid spilling its contents when not used properly. At first, the family just ran and created the cups themselves, but in time, Belanger was able to sell his idea to Playtex, and the no-leak cup was officially born sometime in the early 90s.

While the leak-free cup of yore may not be exactly like the cups, or transition cups we use today, it certainly paved the way for the plethora of products you now find lining the baby aisle shelves. We wonder if Belanger ever thought his simple leak-proof cup was going to make it this big.

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plastic baby bottle

What should I do with my child the sippy cup?

What should I do with my child the sippy cup?

stainless sippy cupsSpout sippy cups

What should I do if my child refuses the sippy cup?

Babies have all kinds of reasons for rejecting sippy cups. And of course, there’s no law saying she ever has to use one. Some babies go straight to a regular cup from the breast or bottle. But if you want your baby to use a sippy cup, try these tactics that other parents have used successfully:

  • Dip the spout into breast milk or formula before giving it to your baby. Another approach is to put a bottle nipple (without the bottle) in her mouth and after she starts sucking, replace it with the sippy spout. Some parents have even had success simply substituting the sippy cup for the bottle.
  • Switch halfway through a feeding. If she drinks from a bottle, give her half of her formula or breast milk in the bottle. When it’s empty, switch to the sippy cup for the second half of the feeding. (Continue to hold her as you do when she’s bottle-feeding.)
  • Modify the sippy spout. Some cups have valves that are so effective at keeping the liquid from spilling that it’s a lot of work to drink from it. If your baby sucks on the sippy spout but doesn’t get anything, try taking out the valve that controls the flow (if the sippy cup has one of these and it’s removable).
  • Work in reverse order. Teach your baby to drink from the sippy without the lid on it first. Put just a teaspoon or two of liquid in at a time and help her raise the cup to her mouth. After she gets the hang of that and understands that there’s liquid inside the cup, put the lid on (without the valve, if there is one). Finally, put the valve in and let her take over.
  • Offer your baby a straw. Some cups come with a built-in straw, and some babies find these easier to use than a spout. If your baby does get the hang of sucking from a straw, she may then be better able to handle sucking from the spout.
  • Try other beverages. Some babies will drink water or juice – but not breast milk or formula – from a sippy cup. (But don’t give juice to a baby 6 months or younger, and limit juice for older babies and toddlers to no more than 4 ounces a day.)
  • Show your baby how it’s done. Get a clean sippy and let your baby see you drink from it. Or have a sibling drink from a sippy in front of the baby. Sometimes making a little sucking noise is all it takes to inspire a baby to start sucking. Just be sure to give your baby a clean sippy cup. Sharing a cup with your baby can increase the amount of tooth-decaying bacteria in her saliva.

What not to do

Using a sippy cup may seem like a piece of cake, but there are some pitfalls you’ll want to avoid:

  • Never let your child take a sippy cup of juice or milk to bed. The sugars can pool in his mouth and cause tooth decay. The same goes for walking around with one in hand for hours on end. One idea is to limit juice and milk to meals and snack time, and refill his sippy cup with water when he’s thirsty.
  • Clean the cup thoroughly (especially the lid and plastic stopper) between uses. Liquid can easily become trapped in the nooks and crannies of a sippy cup and valve, leading to the growth of bacteria and mold.
    If you can’t wash a sippy cup right away, at least give it a good rinse. If that’s not possible, drain any remaining liquid and take it apart. Periodically check your lids and valves for damage or mold.
  • Don’t expect the sippy cup to be the magic answer to weaning. For some babies, it simply replaces the bottle and presents another weaning challenge.
    Still, many parents find it more acceptable to see their growing child with a sippy than a bottle in hand. And if used properly, a sippy cup can be less damaging to your baby’s teeth than a bottle.
  • Don’t use the sippy cup for too long. As soon as your child can handle it, switch to a regular cup. Most toddlers can manage a two-handled open cup by the time they’re 2 years old.


What and how much should I give my baby each day in her sippy cup?

If your baby is younger than 6 months old, simply give her a portion of her breast milk or formula in the sippy cup each day.

Generally, water and juice are unnecessary for breastfed and bottle-fed infants in the first six months of life. (And don’t give your baby cow’s milk until she’s at least a year old.)

After six months, if your baby’s thirsty between feedings, refill her sippy with water.

Babies 6 months and older can be given up to 4 ounces of 100 percent fruit juice a day in addition to formula or breast milk. (But don’t give it at bedtime to prevent tooth decay.)

Once your child starts drinking whole milk (at age 1), experts recommend giving her no more than 32 ounces of milk and a half cup of juice per day. Otherwise your toddler may be more likely to get cavities and be too full to eat at mealtime.


Are there safety concerns I should be aware of?

Plastics in baby bottles used to be made with the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), but this has been banned since 2012. (And many manufacturers had already stopped using BPA before that because of public concerns over exposing children to this chemical.)

Just to be safe, don’t let your child drink from a plastic cup or bottle that is scratched or damaged. A worn cup with scratches is more likely to harbor bacteria and may leach chemicals.

But any plastic can leach chemicals. Two recent studies even found that some BPA-free cups leach even higher amounts of synthetic hormones than those made with BPA. If you’re worried about plastic, consider using steel or glass cups.

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sippy cups

What is a sippy cup?

What is a sippy cup?

sippy cups

A sippy cup is a training cup – usually plastic or stainless steel – with a screw- or snap-on lid and a spout that lets your child drink without spilling. You can get models with or without handles and choose ones with different types of spouts.

Sippy cups can be a great way for your baby to transition from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup. They can also improve hand-to-mouth coordination. When your baby has the motor skills to handle a cup but not the skills to keep the drink from spilling, a sippy cup can give him some independence while keeping cleanup to a minimum.

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stainless kids sippy cups

Stainless kids bottle sippy cups from China thermos bottle flask manufacturer-Ecoway

stainless kids bottle sippy cups

thermos bottles, vacuum bottles, thermos flasks

stainless kids sippy cups

stainless kids sippy cups

1. Silicone strap give your soft touching take it on the go
2. Simple shape with unique design to make you enjoy the drinking everyday
3. Hot or cold liquid 4H+ for your drinking

stainless kids thermal bottle

stainless kids thermal bottle

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