how to manufacture a thermos

How to manufacture a thermos?

how to manufacture a thermos

First of all, we know what is thermos which usually we are talking the double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated thermos flask, there’s double wall stainless, the inner wall of stainless steel material we choose SUS304 and 0.40mm thickness, the outer wall of stainless steel material we choose SUS304 and 0.50mm thickness.

There’s copper lining on the inner wall to obtain better heat presevation, usually 15% when we test the hot/cold test with 95℃ liquid at least 90% full of the thermos bottle, under 25+/-2℃ lab environment, test period:1hour, 4hours, 8hours, 12hours, 24hours

There’s lead free getter and non-lead free getter on the thermos bottle which you can’t see it, but the getter does affect the cost, won’t change any quanlity of your thermos bottles, just affect the environment for the planet.

The polishing, powder coating, painting, water transfer, etc. different decoration would have different cost, also the quality would affect the cost a lot.

how to manufacture a thermos

A thermos flask bottle, there’s a bottom cap design or non bottom cap, in order to not easy to damage when drop bottles on the floor, better to choose a bottom cap design as above picture.

how to manufacture a thermos

a water spout direct drinking lid design for thermos bottle products, easy to drink without screw off the thermos bottle cap, but it would be careful when drinking hot water.

how to manufacture a thermoshow to manufacture a thermoshow to manufacture a thermos

The simple thermos bottle cap, easy to use, need to screw off the cap when you want to drink, but cheaper cost for the mould and product.



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