How stainless steel tumbler is manufactured?

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How stainless steel tumbler is manufactured?

Raw Materials:

Stainless Steel Tumbler lids/caps: Plastic “polypropylene or Tritan”, usually is polypropylene, they are both food frade, FDA comply, polypropylene is much cheaper and easier to be manufactured.

Stainless Steell Tumbler sealing gasket on lid: food grade silicone

How stainless steel tumbler is manufactured?How stainless steel tumbler is manufactured?How stainless steel tumbler is manufactured?






Stainless steel tumbler body:

Stainless steel 18-8 Food Grade, FDA/LFGB comply

How stainless steel tumbler is manufactured?How stainless steel tumbler is manufactured?How stainless steel tumbler is manufactured?

The Main Manufacturing Process Of Stainless Steel Tumblers

  1. Manufacture double wall stainless steel tumbler: “Outer wall & inner wall”, manufacture the shape and size as design drawing specs.
  2. Copper Coating: copper coating on the inner wall which enhancing heat preservation performance
  3. Welding: welding the mouth edge, bottom
  4. Grinding: grinding the welding seam
  5. Vacuum Process: create vacuum space between double wall, and test 100% vacuum insulation
  6. Electrolysis: electrolysis process to create a inert layer on the surface of inner wall to make it good surface and not easy  to get rust.
  7. Polishing:polishing the bottle flask to have good quality surface.
  8. Vacuum Test: test vacuum insulation of stainless steel tumbler 100% again
  9. Surface treatment: different options for surface treatment, such as spray painting, powder coating, water transfer etc.
  10. Custom printing: custom printing with different method, such as pad printing, heat transfer printing, laser etching etc.
  11. Inspection and assembly: inspection, asembly with lids, gasket, sleeve, gift box

Quality Control:

The most important of stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler is vacuum insulation, that’s why we have double “vacuum insulation test” during the whole manufacturing process.

The raw material cost is very important for high end quality stainless steel bottles, we recommend 18-8 Food grade stainless steel.

The polishing quality is very important if no any other surface treatment, our company set full inspection after polising process.

Different surface treatment has different features, we can choose the best way to meet the bottle design and market needs.

Final inspection of your stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle flask is during/after the assembly/packing line.

The Features:

How stainless steel tumbler is manufacturedThe stainless steel vacuum tumbler keeps hot liquid 12 Hours longer and cold liquid 24 Hours, it based on the manufacturing process and quality control, also affect by the bottle designs.


With cold water drinking, you don’t need to worry about BPA which only appear when with hot water inside your drinking bottle veseels, when you considering drinking hot water, you need to know what materials your stainless steel water bottle made, choose BPA Free material made bottle products in the market.