How can improve “heat retention” or “cold retention” for stainless steel vacuum bottle/jugs

How can improve “heat retention” or “cold retention” for stainless steel vacuum bottle?

To be clarification, “heat retention” is same thing with “cold retention” for a vacuum bottle/jugs, pls refer to how thermos(vacuum flask) work?

Before you finish drawings for your bottle product concept, what we can do for improving “heat or cold retention” as follow:

  1. capacity: the more hot or cold liquid inside your jug, the more energy”heat or cold” your jug can waste, no surprise bigger size with same shape vacuum jug has better performance than smaller one.
  2. mouth size: the bigger mouth size means there’s more space your energy”heat or cold” would escape from the mouth which is the main way for “heat” escape from the vacuum jugs.

stainless steel vacuum water bottle

narrow mouth bottle would have better heat retention performance than a wide mouth bottle as follow

Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

3. the shape of lid, when lid is not leaking proof which has a hole for drinking which as Yeti tumbler, it is no doubt that heat would escape from the gate of lid, hence different design of your lid would affect “heat retention” a lot it all due to mouth is critical element.


After your design is finished, what elements would affect your vacuum bottle/jugs “heat retention” performance?

  1. With copper coating on inner wall or Tinfoil on inner wall to create a wall to reflect heat energy to keep it inside your vacuum bottle/jugs, that could increase 15~20% performance, of course, you can ignore it to save some cost.
  2. Vacuum inspection 100%, with different vacuum inspection conditions, the defect rate is different, and the only way for the vacuum defect products is scratch, with this saying, your should check it with your manufacturer/supplier with details.

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