How vacuum insulated bottle works for long time?

How vacuum insulated bottle works for long time?

when you got a stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle, you might wondering it would be last forever without accident, but one day, you found the vacuum is not working anymore when you touch the vacuum bottle then you can feel cold or hot.

There might have couple reasons:

  1. you might drop your vacuum insulated bottle on the floor and had dent heavily, it could damage the vacuum insulated layer which double two walls contacting together, hence you feel cold or hot when touching on your thermos water bottle
  2. there’s no getter welding inside your vacuum insulated bottle, as air permeate into the double wall vacuum insulated layer, the vacuum insulation getting weaker and weaker until it is not working as good as it used to be
  3. the welding on the bottle mouth was poor welding, after polishing, some might can be found by vacuum inspection, some was not then escape to market, anyway, you had right to return it back to sellers where you bought

vacuum insulated bottlevacuum insulated bottle

Now you know why your vacuum insulated bottles not have good heat retention anymore, you should know how to solves these problems from design and manufacturing, or how to use it for a long time.


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