Ecoway-Travel Mugs, Travel Coffee Mugs, Coffee Travel Mugs

Ecoway-Travel Mugs, Travel Coffee Mugs, Coffee Travel Mugs

Stainless steel 18/8 double wall vacuum insulated

travel mugs

BPA Free, food grade Plastic lid with slider or plug to lock the water spout hole

travel coffee mugs

With food grade silicone gasket to seal the water spout hole or around the lid/cap to prevent coffee leaking

coffee travel mugs

How long we can keep coffee hot inside our coffee travel mug, it depends on what design and manufacturing your travel mug is:

  1. The capacity of your coffee travel mug
  2. The mouth width of your coffee travel mug
  3. The design of your lid/cap for your travel mug, leaking proof, spill proof, or with hole for drinking straw etc.
  4. The copper lining on your inner wall which enhance heat retention for your coffee travel mug

coffee travel mugs

Enjoy your coffee hot for a long time on your trip, office, home, that’s very important, but when with hot coffee, you also need to make sure you have a completely food grade materials made coffee travel mug for your healthy drinking;

  1. Stainless steel; the main material for your stainless steel coffee travel mug, the best choice is stainless steel 18/8 kitchen food grade material, BPA Free, comply with FDA, LFGB, CCC etc.
  2. Plastic: It’s common to use Polypropylene (PP5#) for your lid/cap on the coffee travel mug, or use Tritan (Polycarbonate), they are totally BPA Free, Food Grade material; But you still need trusted and reliable manufacturer whom can use good quality color master batch on your plastic cap/lid, also keep not using recycles plastic for your plastic lid/cap.
  3. Silicone: It must have slicone gasket on your travel coffee mug, we though all silicone material is food grade, actually it is not, as the dirty production environment would pollute the silicone, good quality takes cost, you got to know that; beside the food grade test, you also need to know VOC test requirement for the silicone gasket, some poor quality silicone gasket would be smell due to they didn’t have good baking process to eliminate impurity element inside the silicone products


You want to own a beautiful colorful travel coffee mug? Why not? Then you can see there’s different treatment on your travel mug:

travel coffee mugstravel mugs

  1. with same painting/powder coating on your travel mugs, but you better to choose the right one which has blank area due to we don’t know if the painting/powder coating is food grade/lead free, when you enjoy drinking your hot coffee, you don’t want your mouth contact a non-food grade thing, right?
  2.  with different treatment, like painting, powder coating, water transfer printing, rubber coating, polishing, they have different cost and features, even with same treatment, you pay different money to got different quality, so you got to know what quality you wan to get before pay money.


The Ecoway Houseware Limited is a professional manufacturer and designer of quality stainless steel/Plastic Drinkware in Baby Feeding, kids drinking, Sports/outdoor Gear, Promotion markets.

With a professional team including of Designers, Engineers, Manufacturers, Quality control experts and Merchandisers, we are able to offer our customers full turn-key manufacturing and design solutions– from concept to final delivery of the product.

Based on current 600,000pcs/monthly production capacity of plastic bottle, we are keep investing new production equipment as our customers is keep growing. Also we have stainless bottles business which manufactured ss bottle and assembly/packaging at our Zhejiang factory.

For more information on how we can help you with your business activities, contact one of our sales representatives today at

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