Travel mug without a plastic lid and with stainless steel lid?

Travel mug without a plastic lid and with stainless steel lid?

I’m just curious if there’s a such thing as a travel mug that doesn’t have a plastic lid. I currently use the Thermos vacuum insulated tumbler, and while in general I do like it, the lid is mostly made of plastic. Eventually without fail I always get a taste of soap or something else with my coffee, and even with this one all I ever did was rinse with water and I’m still getting a weird taste out of it.

Is there a good mug that doesn’t use plastic for the lid? I can’t imagine a metal lid would have the same problem.


  1. Can I have a stainless steel lid or silicone lid to replace plastic lid on my vacuum travel mug?

Yes, you can do that.But no so many different shape and functions as plastic lids as have.

stainless steel vacuum travel coffee mug

2. Why my plastic lids have some smell or taste?

In normal conditions, no smell or taste of plastic should have when using plastic lid, except for using some poor quality plastic materials to       made the plastic lid. But it is Thermos you have, maybe it is fake Thermos mug you have.

If you do have high requirements on the taste when you drinking, you can choose a insulated travel mug with a Eastman Tritan material             made plastic lid, I am sure no smell or any taste would have even it is a plastic lid, although it is more expensive but it worthwhile, and it’s         100% food grade, BPA Free, FDA comply material.

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In this case, we can see that, no smell or taste with plastic on your travel mug, except for using some poor quality plastic material made for the plastic lid, same thing happen on the stainless steel lid or silicone lid, as for the stainless steel, can use SUS201 not SUS304 to save cost but have poor quality with healthy issue, as for silicone lid also can have cheap silicone materials, people don’t know VOC test for the silicone product, the VOC test require to test the water taste when with silicone inside it, and test extra material release from the silicone, you can’t expect small company would reqire do this test, as people don’t know there’s a VOC test for all silicone products which including of silicone lid, silicone gasket.