Rust on Stainless Steel Bottle after a few days?

Rust on Stainless Steel Bottle after a few days? 

I recently bought this stainless water bottle because it was BPA free on Ebay. I bought it so I could carry it in my school EDC. It’s intention was so it could be used for boiling and for leaving in the car without having to worry about BPA leakages into the water.

So today was the first day I drank out of it. I left water in there for only about 3 days and it rusted??? I noticed a hint metal taste in the water and there were about 10 scattered little brown spots on the inside of the stainless steel water bottle.

1) is this harmless to drink?

It is harm to drink with rust stainless steel bottle, throw it away.
2) is this really a “stainless steel BPA free” water bottle? Or a fake?

With 18/8 “SUS304” stainless steel materials made, it is BPA Free, with 18/1 “SUS201” stainless steel materials made, it’s not, and it’s easy to have rust inside or outside on the bottle

Except for buy a 18/8 “SUS” stainless steel material made bottle, also we have a manufacturing process “electrolysis” to create a inertia layer inside of stainless steel bottle to make it not rust during using. After the “electrolysis” process, not every bottle is quality ok, then we have 100% inspection to check inside of stainless bottle to select out poor quality bottles, such as with rust spots inside the bottles. with low quality bottle products, you might received these defect bottles from your suppliers due to they didn’t have inspected all defect products from their production line.

rust stainless steel bottle

The inertia layer might be damage if you use metal rusher to washing the inner of stainless steel bottle, that’s why we advice stainless steel bottle is hand washing only.

There’s one more thing you need to do is do not keep milk or juice etc. for a long time inside your stainless steel bottle, it would make it dirty which not easy to clean completely, but won’t casue rust even you keep milk or juice for a long time if your stainless steel bottle is made by 18/8 stainless steel materials.