why my water bottle cap is Polypropylene (PP) not tritan

why my water bottle cap is Polypropylene (PP) not tritan

Before we have tritan material to make plastic water bottle, we were using polycarbonate (PC) to make most of plastic water bottles, as PC is clear and beautiful to look, also tough enough to use in different environment.

When BPA is aware by people, nobody want to buy PC material made water bottle or feeding bottle etc, as it is not safe for our body, but people doesn’t know the BPA only released when your bottle vessel with hot water, when with cold water, it is no problem, that’s why you can see LDPE, TPE, PC still on the markets.

With these saying, you are still wondering why your water bottle cap is PP5# not Tritan, it all because it is safe, BPA-Free with hot or cold water, and it’s easier and much cheaper to be manufactured in different shape, it’s good enough to use, so why manufacturers keep using PP5# material for their water bottle cap, also for stainless steel bottle.

But you want your water bottle products looks high end and decide to use Tritan material bottle cap, that’s up to you, as long as you can have sell prices to support its product cost.

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