why my plastic tritan bottle thickness is important?

why my plastic tritan bottle thickness is important?

Before you design a new plastic water bottle, you got to know where your target market and how people would use it in different environment, that’s the key to design a popular hdyration bottles for the market to bring your money back.

why you want to develop a plastic water bottle not a stainless steel bottle, you must be sick of the stainless steel bottle easy to get dent or damage by drop on the floor, or you don’t like hot drink or cold drink, you just want to have water to drink easily as much as you need. Then you want to have a plastic bottle which easy to take it on the go, and no need to worry how to keep it safe on your bag.

Why tritan materials you choose to make for your bottle body, you might have these question, BPA-FREE? no kidding, PP5# is also BPA-FREE with hot water, and it works better than Tritan on the part, as it can be pass hot water boiling test, Tritan bottle not recommand to do hot water boiling test but it is dishwasher safe, so it’s good enough.

The reason why you choose Tritan materials to make your water bottle body, it’s not just because it is safe enough related food contact test, it is also tough enough in any environment, crack-proof no matter how you use it.

So when we talking about tough is the one of the key quality of tritan material, you might use thin thickness as you want to save cost for your unit product, that would be wrong to do.

Here’s some advice for your reference:

200~1000ml; 1.0mm thickness is good enough, but you want to have better quality, 1.2mm is better option

1000~2000ml; 1.2mm thickness is good enough, but you want to have better quality, 1.5mm is better option

2000~3000ml; 1.5mm thickness is good enough, 2.0mm is better option for better quality,

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