Water bottles: stainless steel vs plastic

Water bottles: stainless steel vs plastic

As a US-based consumer, Which option is more sustainable: a stainless steel water bottle made in China or a plastic, non-BPA water bottle made in the US?

Here we got to claim that BPA relaease only when bottle with hot water, with cold water that is no need to worry about this, you can see a lot bottle water with packing which made by TPE, PE

Is there any plastic bottles made in USA, sure, it does, that’s no doubt, you can buy it, but it is no difference if they are made in USA or made in China, just make sure you buy hihg quality materials made water bottle for your healthy drinking.

Is there any stainless steel bottles made in USA, no, and no

It’s a lot manufacturing process when making a stainless steel bottles, actually it’s not as eco as you think for the manufacturing processes, every stainless steel bottle maker claims they want to create a eco-friendly reusable stainless steel bottle for the environment, that’s not ture, they just want to make money, that’s business world, don’t be a kid.

Just not buy disaposable bottle for your drinking, got a reusable bottle for your daily drinking, no matter it is plastic “PP5# or Tritan made” or stainless steel made, you want to have cold or hot drinking on the trip, you got to buy stainless steel vacuum bottle, you just want to have lightweight bottle for drinking no matter hot or cold, plastic water bottle is the best option.

When you buy cheap bottles, there’s must be some reasons it is cheap, study more, take care of your healthy drinking, no waste money on poor quality water bottle products.

Plastic water bottle or stainless steel bottle is not the main issue you should worry about, both is great when its materials is safe, as you also can see a lot of stainless steel bottles have plastic cap……