what cost affect your plastic tritan bottle prices

what cost affect your plastic tritan bottle prices

people might wondering why some plastic bottles are cheap, some plastic bottles are expensive?

that’s good questions for everyone before they buy a plastic water bottle for their daily drinking.

here’s some answers for your questions as follow:

  1. Design cost, design cost is a lot more than you imagination, especially you want to develop some innovative water bottles to hit the market, it might take months or years, and you still have risk which not selling well at all.
  2. moulds cost, there’s a lot of mould makers in the industrial areas, and same as a product, you can find cheap mould maker to make cheap mould and with poor quality, but you invest more money on moulds just want to get good quality moulds which can manufacture good quality bottles as your expectation.
  3. materials for your bottle products, you can not image cheapest plastic materials might only worth 1USD/kg or even cheaper, but some good quality plastic materials would cost 6USD/kg or even more, that’s key elements would affect your health, that’s direct cost for your plastic bottle products
  4. printing, high quality printing would attract your eyes when you looking at it, but needs cost to printing artworks on your bottles, that’s no doubt.
  5. labour cost, tax cost, machine cost, rent cost, shipment cost etc. all these cost would took your money from your pocket.

Eventually, the more money you paid, the more value you can get, that’s fair, but you still need to compare everything to source the best bottle products.


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