How your plastic tritan bottles be manufactured in our factory?

How your plastic tritan bottles be manufactured in our factory?

Most of people would wondering how the plastic tritan water bottles be manufactured in factory, here’s steps for your questions:

  1. you got to do reseach and engineer design for your prototype sample drawing, then make a prototype sample to do evaluation functions, assembly, features etc.
  2. when you finished prototype sample evaluation and the result is positive, then we can start the engineer drawing with 2D/3D format.
  3. when 3D drawing is finished, it came to the mould drawing process, our mould engineers need to do evaluation for your design drawing if all features and functions can be acquired when mass production.
  4. after moulds drawings are finished, we got to start moulds production process which usually take 45 working days for T1 ” the first trial run” samples, we can do evaluation and test for the T1 samples, then do modifications, and T2, T3….
  5. it is long process if we didn’t do a good job during the design/mould evaluation process, as you need more time to do modification to fix mistakes if you didn’t do a good job before moulds making, the worst thing you might lost everything money you paid if you working with a irresponsible manufacturer.
  6. Done, we finally finish moulds making and modifications, came to the mass production.


  1. Injection for caps, lids, hinge, or bottle body tube

injection workshop

2. Blowing the bottle body

blowing bottle workshop

3. Do printing “logo” on your bottles

4. Inspection

5. Assembly and packaging

plastic tritan water bottle manufacturing process

plastic tritan water bottle manufacturing process

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