What elements affect heat retention of your vacuum bottle products?

What elements affect heat retention of your vacuum bottle products?

You can see a lot brands claim they have high-tech vacuum insulation for their bottle products, actually it’s not true.

There’s some key elements affect heat retention of your vacuum bottles as follow:

1.capacity, bigger capacity means you have more hot/cold water inside your vacuum jugs, it’s easy to understand that you have more heat to lose when have more water inside the vacuum jugs.

2.mouth size, bigger mouth means have bigger exist door for heat losing, that’s why some small mouth bottles claims they have better heat retention, but we can see one major problem for this small mouth bottles is not easy to clean inside of bottles, you got to use a brush to clean it.

3.cap, you can see some cap is very simple and thin thickness, that means heat can be easier to lose from the cap, or you also can see some vacuum bottle products using steel cap, well, it’s easy to lose heat when using steel material not plastic material for your cap, because steel materials is easier to transfer heat than plastic material.

4.If have copper coating on the inside wall of your vacuum bottle products, that can help at least 20% on heat retention for your vacuum flasks.

5.The final thing is the vacuum insulation related to manufacturing, all factories have similar vacuum produce machines, no big difference, and they have 100% vacuum test after that. The difference is the vacuum test, there’s two conditions “time, temperature”, longer time and higher temperature would select out more vacuum defect bottle products which factories don’t want to see it, as it related to cost a lot, every vacuum defect bottle products can’t be reworked. At this point, you want to know more details, just leave your questions to us.

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