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Types of kids Sippy Cups

Types of kids Sippy Cups, kids water bottles

kids sippy cups

The original leak-free cup was created by an engineer named Richard Belanger. He was tired of cleaning up after his baby who was just learning to use an ordinary cup properly, and was suffering from the same pitfalls all babies have suffered from throughout time, they all spill their cups. What might surprise you, is he invented the cup in 1988, which really wasn’t that long ago (or are we dating ourselves?).

Belanger created a simple cup with a valve that prevented the back flow of liquid, and thereby helped the cup avoid spilling its contents when not used properly. At first, the family just ran and created the cups themselves, but in time, Belanger was able to sell his idea to Playtex, and the no-leak cup was officially born sometime in the early 90s.

While the leak-free cup of yore may not be exactly like the cups, or transition cups we use today, it certainly paved the way for the plethora of products you now find lining the baby aisle shelves. We wonder if Belanger ever thought his simple leak-proof cup was going to make it this big.

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